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Film 1

TitleHistory is Legend on Rails
Description I grew up a prolific artist, transcending in the creative spirit and over the years achieving many artistic accomplishments. At a very early age, I studied painting styles and techniques of European masters. I painted landscapes and still life themes. As I became more skillful with my hands, sculpture was the next natural artistic phase. I worked with concrete, mortar and clay in the subject matter of human form. Later in my artistic career, my interest turned to fusing glass. I became fascinated with its malleable and luminous properties. Through this interest and hands-on experience, I immersed myself the glass art profession. Today, I continue to work in the wide spectrum of the arts. In recent years, cinematography has become a growing interest of mine. I have completed three documentary films, depicting other artists in unique processes of creating their individual style of art. Iron Horse - Legend on Rails, is my most recent short film production. Currently, I am planing to produce a full length film related to the history of transportation.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameGary Word
  Biography"Iron Horse - Legend on Rails" - is a short film about the return of steam locomotives, the restoration of wood and steel rail passenger coaches including a Baptist Chapel Car. In addition, this film depicts new and old uses of railroad rights-of-way with many tracks having been removed to make way for hiking trails; while other tracks remain in use by the "Iron Horse".

Film 2

TitleHistory is in the Streets
DescriptionAn abbreviated history of Seattle told by passersby on the street. Proof that we all retain and transfer history.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameAaron Bourget
  BiographyAaron Bourget is an independent filmmaker living in Seattle. He has written and directed well over two hundred short films and documentaries.

Film 3

TitleHistory is Orcas at Pt. Robinson
DescriptionOrcas pass Pt. Robinson visiting Vashon-Maury Islands as they have done throughout Puget Sound history.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameMarc Pease
  BiographyMarc has produced and distributed video productions for over thirty years and is currently Principal of World Pease Media LLC, offering new media video production and consulting.

Film 4

TitleHistory is Change
DescriptionOn November 6, 2012, the State of Washington voted to pass Referendum 74. Washington is the ninth state to legally recognize same-sex marriages. On March 26th & 27th, the Supreme Court heard the arguments for Proposition 8 and DOMA. Bradford & Grant are two Seattlites that will be getting married in May. This engagement and marriage is history in the making.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameJune Ivers
  BiographyJune is a producer and videographer based in Seattle. After graduating from Northwestern University, June started working on commercials and music video in Los Angeles. She now lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter and regularly contributes to City Arts Magazine.

Film 5

TitleHistory is walking in someone else's shoes
Description “History is walking in someone else’s shoes” is an idea that came about when I was searching through the Internet Archive site (internetarchive.org) to prepare my grandfather’s family films for upload. When I came across footage from Robert Leo Kilker, Jr., I immediately became intrigued with the idea of taking a walk following his path through the Seattle Center Campus. I live just up the street and the Seattle Center is pretty central to my daily life, and a place where I feel the history all around me. It was surreal to find each location and realize that there was someone standing in the same spot filming in 1962. It was even more eye-opening to see the structures as they were and as they are today. I never realized how much of the campus was developed in the 60s and how little it has actually changed. Roberts footage includes about 20 minutes of what he experienced at the World’s Fair. Capturing some of those experiences and iconic views was my goal as I set out for my walk—51 years later—on March 19, 2013. The credits include film from vantage points that I don’t have access to, but I wanted to put them in front of people. Special thanks to the family of Robert Leo Kilker, Jr. (Robert has passed, and I would like to dedicate this film to him, his family and the adventures that he led). Full Description: http://vimeo.com/62757672
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameEric Pokorny
  BiographyCorporate guy by day... Creative guy by night.

Film 6

TitleHistory is Transformation
DescriptionThe Seattle Center is a place many locals visit and enjoy, and where visitors flock to year round. But what was there before the Seattle Center existed and Seattle World's Fair was built? This film is a look back at the Warren Avenue neighborhood and Elementary School that were there before the Worlds Fair, an interview with a student from the school, and the transformation that has occurred to become the Seattle Center we know today.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameBernard Mann
  BiographyBernard Mann is an Apple Certified Pro, Level 2 in Final Cut Pro X. He is also certified in Final Cut Pro 7 and has been an Apple user since the early days of video on computers.. He loves to be able to share his knowledge of Apple's video editing software. He graduated from NYU, majoring in TV/Film.

Filmmaker 2:
  NameMatt Shannon
  BiographyMatt Shannon has worked in film and video production for over twenty years in a variety of capacities. He has served as a set dresser on several feature motion pictures and episodic television series. He has also worked in live sports television as a camera and audio assistant, as well as a utility assistant for the SkyCam aerial camera system. More recently, he has directed and produced a short entitled "Saving Allison" shot on Orcas Island and has produced two shorts for local film competitions with partner Bernard Mann.

Film 7

TitleHistory is Redemption
DescriptionThe story of Mattie Santo, a resident of Pomeroy who was convicted of manslaughter in the 1910's. The townspeople rallied for her release from prison
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameJessika Satori
  BiographyFilm director and producer

Film 8

TitleHistory is A Silent Partner
DescriptionA short documentary about a small town in Eastern Washington that was once the most popular mineral spa town in the Northwest. Over seventy years have passed since it's heyday. This video explores what happens when students are shown photographs and taken to places where the old hotels, bath houses and salt factory once stood.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameKathleen Kiefer
  BiographyI am a cultural anthropologist, writer, filmmaker and photographer. I love history and have produced three historical documentaries, one of them about Soap Lake. I have long wanted to introduce local students to the history of Soap lake and the MOHAI project presented a perfect opportunity.

Film 9

TitleHistory is Influence
DescriptionHistory is Influence was brought about by the idea that even everyday routines leave legacies.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameThomas Price
  BiographyThomas Price was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Seattle to pursue a career in film in 2005.

Filmmaker 2:
  NameJim Nicholson
  BiographyJim Nicholson was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Seattle in 2006 to pursue a career in film.

Film 10

TitleHistory is advertised
DescriptionA brief look at vintage advertisements on the sides of Seattle buildings, with found sound.
CategoryOpen (25 and older)

Filmmaker 1:
  NameGreg Thilmont
  BiographyWriter. Photographer. Videographer. Interneter. MOHAI member. Dude.

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